Cosmetic Dentistry: Helps you wear a Confident Smile!

Dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds and with a range of innovative techniques and treatment options and this branch of medicine is well equipped to offer you an overall oral wellness Maple Ridge dental clinic. Apart from general dentistry that deals with diagnosis and treatment of tooth and gum diseases cosmetic dentistry has opened up avenues to adopt smarter looks with the help of various cosmetic dental procedures.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is an offshoot of dentistry that involves dental procedures and techniques that help people put on a nice smile by working on the visual appearance of teeth and gums. With people becoming more and more over conscious about their looks, cosmetic dentistry has seen a surge in popularity not only among women, men as well. Cosmetic dentistry Maple Ridge dental clinic is more about improving appearance, than functionality, of teeth, gums, and bite.

Beautification Treatments and Techniques

  • Teeth Whitening : Also known as teeth bleaching, it is the most common type of cosmetic dental treatment availed by people. Various techniques like laser whitening are used; under which the teeth are treated with bleaching chemical and beam of an argon laser. During the procedure gums are covered with rubber and teeth are applied with bleaching chemical which gets activated with the application of laser beam and leads to teeth lightening.

  • Reshaping : This cosmetic dentistry procedure is done to even out tooth size discrepancy and also to improve the overall visual appearance of teeth. The procedure involves removal of a portion of enamel to adjust shape, position or length of teeth as well as to fix a small chip and crooked teeth.

  • Veneers : As a great treatment option to close gaps, beautify the shape or to treat teeth on which whitening procedures do not work much, veneers are applied. Veneers refer to the fine porcelain laminates, ultra-thin in nature that is applied on to the teeth to get desired results.

  • Gum Lifts : It is a cosmetic dental procedure that gives a symmetrical look to the teeth by sculpting and raising the gum line.

  • Bridging : This cosmetic dentistry procedure is used to fill up the gap between the teeth that got created due to one or more missing teeth. It involves the application of dental bridges to bridge up the gap between teeth.

With a wide range of treatment options, cosmetic dentistry Maple Ridge dental clinic has carved a niche to offer beautiful looks to people and has become a really popular stream of dentistry.

Post Author: Donald Phillips