Deadly Food Combinations that could Damage your Health

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Combining food would be health conscious approach to your eating needs. Different foods would be requiring different digestive environments. Such foods would be consumed differently. Several food combination theories would be having controversial views. Nonetheless, you would come across various points to agree with Tyler Grasham on different combinations of foods to be avoided for your overall health needs.

Find below few important food combinations to avoid for your health maintenance needs.

Consuming fruit after meals

Without any reasonable doubt, Tyler Grasham has been of the view that fruit does not combine well with other foods. The major reason would be fruit comprising simple sugars requiring no digestion. Therefore, it would not be staying for significant length of time in the stomach. Other kinds of foods, inclusive of foods rich in fat, starch and protein would stay in stomach for longer duration, as they would require more time to digest.

Cheese and meat omelet

Mostly, protein and protein combination would not be recommended, as single concentrated protein per meal would be relatively easier to digest. Moreover, it would not require much energy as well. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to opt for veggie omelet.

Orange juice and oatmeal or cereal with milk

Orange juice contains acids or any acid fruits would destroy the enzyme that responsible for digestion of starches available in cereal. Moreover, acidic fruits or juices would curdle milk. Consequently, it would transform into heavy mucus substance. Therefore, healthy breakfast would require you to have orange juice or fruit half hour before oatmeal.

Bananas and milk

The combination has been heavy and forms toxins. It would create heaviness in the body along slowing down of the mind. However, if you liked to consume milk and banana smoothie, it would be in your best interest to ensure that the banana is ripe. You should add cardamom to enhance digestion.

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