How to Rejuvenate 10 Years Quickly?

Rejuvenating 10 years is a dream for some and reality for others. Why do some people succeed and others do not?

After all, who would not want to look younger?

Follow 10 practical ways to confuse people when they ask about your age.


When it comes to rejuvenating without surgery, one of the most traditional forms applied is skin cleansing.

Such a procedure that removes blackheads, dead cells and improves skin texture, assists in balancing the largest organ in the body, helps in improving blemishes and fine lines.

The skin becomes clearer and relaxed, the expression of the face results in a younger appearance instantly.

Frequent cleanings; even prevent the appearance of new brands.


Exfoliation is one of the indispensable treatments for people who like and for people who want to take care of having a younger appearance and want to take care of beauty.

The respective exfoliating microspheres help to renew the look and regenerate the dermis so that it is free of expression marks and exhibits a youthful appearance for much longer.

Have you ever heard of sugar scrub?

Well, I’ve done it myself both on the face and hands, on the back and it looks like you come out refreshed after a section of sugar scrub. Try it, you’ll like it.

What are the preparatory procedures for exfoliation

Remove impurities from the face with a soap specific for your skin type and remove the moisture with a clean towel; then apply the exfoliator by making light and circular movements until the face dry, always through the massage orienting the skin up. Nails help in the removal of dead cells.

The illuminated face is synonymous with young, well-groomed skin. Therefore, to have a smooth and uniform expression, frequent exfoliation is essential.

The habit helps in the cellular renewal of the skin, since it eliminates the dead cells of the surface. The ideal is to exfoliate the face once or twice a week, so as not to sensitize the dermis too much.


Understand now how external nutrition can positively impact your appearance …

Use anti-aging cream, as they have specific active ingredients to soften the wrinkles that have appeared and fight against new ones that compromise the dermis.

Wrinkles are one of the most visible marks of aging of the skin, especially on the face, around the eyes and mouth, and on the forehead.

Regular finger massage developed in movements that direct the skin upwards along with the application of anti-aging creams considerably contribute to a more youthful appearance.

In addition, such creams also have the function of removing stains if they are composed of components that help to regulate the production of melanin.

An effective way to eliminate signs of age is to apply an anti-wrinkle cream as a routine in the day and night.

Maintaining the consistency of use of these products the face becomes younger, smoother and brighter.


Internal nutrition is one of the most important factors that contribute most effectively to rejuvenation.

Many people age because they do not eat balanced foods.

A balanced diet consists of quality and quantity of nutrients that are of daily intake required, such as:

Vitamin C: green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, asparagus, broccoli, avocado, fresh mustard, beet, cabbage, gooseberry.

Vitamin E: oilseeds, spinach, avocados, whole grains, pollen, parsley, cold vegetable extracts.

Betacarotenes: fish liver oil, alfalfa, asparagus, apricot, beet, carrot, garlic.

Lycopene: tomato, watermelon, guava.

Flavonoids: sprouted alfalfa, spinach, lemon, onion, blackberry, black pepper, green tea, wine, beer.

Vitamin B6: meat, fish, milk, eggs, whole grains, potatoes, spinach, wheat germ, avocado, nuts, brewer’s yeast.

Oleine: olive oil.

But go to the fair and market to buy all these foods, and also how to take time to wash, prepare, cook so many elements like that.

That is why many people turn to fastfood, which is faster to buy and consume, but which neglects the quality of the nutrients.

A portion of people have resorted to dietary supplements that have all the nutrients they need from daily intake like Herbalife Shake .

This option is very economical and easy to prepare because basically it is only to mix water or milk with 2 tablespoons of the supplement consisting of 23 vitamins and minerals that are of necessity of daily intake.


To have a younger appearance, you need to drink water.

Many models say that the secret of having beautiful skin is drinking lots of water.

I do not know if people know exactly why we have to drink lots of water, but the fact is that 70% of our body mass is made up of water.

In fact, water is a great vehicle that carries the nutrients, and it is also a medium in which innumerable metabolic reactions occur.

We eliminate water in many ways, whether in sweat, crying, when we urinate, in feces and saliva.

When we feel thirst, our body is actually screaming for water. It’s okay to never feel thirsty.

Water, therefore, is the vehicle that brings proteins and other substances that form the skin and our muscular structure.

Many professionals recommend taking at least 2 liters of water.

The water will help you:

Regulate body temperature;

Fight acne, stretch marks and cellulite;

Improve kidney function;

Prevent the appearance of kidney stones;

Facilitate digestion;

Decrease swelling;

Improve blood circulation;

Help to lose weight; and.



To rejuvenate the skin it is important to moisturize it before bed

It is natural for the skin to dry when we sleep, especially if the air humidity is low in the area where you live, so it is very important that after washing the face apply a moisturizer.

The moisturizing covers the pores, and the essential oils present in the cream have the function of keeping the skin soft and moisturized.

With this care the skin will be more radiant in the morning.

Post Author: Donald Phillips