Improve Care and Patient Outcomes With Online Medical Training

Research shows a number of positive impacts from online medical training. Perhaps the most important of these impacts is higher healthcare provider performance, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Better Performance, Better Outcomes

Kathy Chappell, PhD, RN, serves the American Nurses Credentialing Center as VP of Accreditation and Research. Chappell notes that continuing medical education beneficially impacts provider performance. Chappell further sees a positive relationship between continuing education, doctor performance, and outcomes.

This backs up the findings in the 2014 study from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. It found significant correlation between continuing education and patient outcomes.

Measurable Cost Reductions

Benefits of well-deployed online medical training can spread throughout an organization, Chappell notes. This lowers the rate of readmissions, in turn supporting healthcare groups with revenue improvements.

The value of such improvements can hardly be overstated. To calculate improvements, refer to the costs of caring for a person, then track reduction in readmissions. Using the cost for each case as data points, your organization can produce a cost-benefit analysis.

The American Hospital Association Calls for Greater Use of Technology

The American Hospital Association supports the use of continuing education to support hospitals and healthcare groups as they meet strategic goals.

The AHA study, Continuing Medical Education as a Strategic Resource, recommends “greater use of technology to streamline” continuing medical education.

Likewise, directors are implementing medical videos across the continent in laboratories, university classrooms, libraries, long-term care sites and hospitals, as well as medical associations. Audio-visual learning and continuing education includes everything from basic clinical skill courses to crystal-clear videos demonstrating one skill or concept.

Online Courses Facilitate Training

Today’s online courses can replace or augment traditional courses. Online medical training provides unprecedented access to cutting-edge learning tools, round-the-clock, at the learner’s own pace. Should staffers or collaborators work within multiple time zones, all of them can undertake professional training in their own time. This cuts down on, and possibly replaces, the time-consuming process of setting up dial-in conferences and in-person training trips.

Moreover, learners can use the device that best suits individual needs and learning styles. This provides inclusive, effective teaching that greatly benefits the medical learning population as a whole, and the staff of any organization.

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Post Author: Danny White