Injured in a Taxi Accident? What You Need to Do  

When you are in the back of a taxi cab, you have a reasonable expectation to arrive at your destination safely. But the crowded avenues, rain soaked pavements, and dimly-lit streets of New York are responsible for many taxi cab accidents. When you are traveling in a taxi that is involved in an accident, or if a taxi cab hits your car – there are a number of things you should do to make sure you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Gathering Information at the Scene

Before you contact qualified taxi accident lawyers NYC, there are a number of things you can do to make sure you get the best resolution to your case – and it begins with gathering the right information and evidence. There may be many persons on scene and things will can quickly become hectic. If you are not in need of immediate medical attention, stay calm and start gathering the following contact information from everyone involved:

  • Taxi Cab Registration Number
  • Name and Office Address of Taxi Service
  • Name and ID Number of Taxi Driver

When involved in a taxi accident, you will be filing your case against the taxi service that has hired the driver. They are an employee of the cab company and they generally do not own the vehicle. Your taxi accident lawyers NYC will be filing a case against the company, and not the driver.

Obtaining Eye Witness Testimony

Most likely when an taxi accident occurs in New York City, there will be plenty of witnesses to corroborate the events which caused the accident. If you were struck by a taxi while driving your car, eyewitness testimony can help you prove liability and get payment for damages. As a passenger in a taxi that is involved in an accident, the lawyers representing the cab company will try limit the amount paid for your injuries.

The benefit of hiring a lawyer skilled in representing New York residents that have been involved in a taxi accident is their ability to obtain expert medical testimony to support the extent of your injuries. Also, many physical injuries may impact your future physical and financial state. These types of losses require expert litigation to make sure you are awarded a fair settlement by the justice system.

The Dearie Law Firm has been successfully helping residents in New York win court cases against the big insurance companies that represent taxi services in the state. We have three mobile law offices and two main offices located in the Bronx and Manhattan to make sure we are accessible to all residents. Contact us to schedule a consultation concerning your rights when involved in a taxi accident.

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