Look Beautiful with silk press: Know what exactly the process

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Smooth pressed hair styles have gained popularity as more and more women with natural hair want all of the advantages of having comfortable hair without actually having chemicals in their hair.  They want the direct look and to have hair that goes instead of being trapped in the head with oil. A traditional press and curl require a lot of oil and oil which leads to the very straight but stuck to the head look.  It straightens the hair perfectly.

What exactly the process

  • It is a present-day press and curl that gives natural hair the look like it has been comfortable. It allows the natural hair to be very straight, bright, smooth, and soft, first and foremost the hair has a lot of body and movement. It is for natural hair only because comfortable hair is already straight so the need to press it is not necessary
  • A silk press on comfortable hair is just a flat iron. Compared with a traditional press and curl, it does not use a hot hair comb at all.
  • To the nude eye, silk presses looks like simply shampooing the hair, blow drying, and flat ironing. However, a silk press requires to be done in a way that allows you to use as less heat as possible while still providing extraordinary results.
  • The best part about it is product technology has developed so much that you can do the press using products that help the hair to be light and not weighed down. Weightless technology gives the hair the light appearance and gives the ordinary woman the opportunity to use the design more time.

Easy to Style

Much like the nighttime routine, getting up to style a silk press is no significant task. If properly covered at night, styling should be as simple as removing bobby hooks and combing the hair out. Any other styles will be simpler to achieve due to the lack of volume.

Post Author: Danny White