Menopause: Hormonal Treatment Remains Controversial

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A neoteric study argues for the rehabilitation of the treatment accused of serious effects, provided certain precautions are followed. Is it time to rehabilitate hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopause? The question last week was agitated by most gynecologists. In past years, HRT was almost presented to all women in middle age. That was before a large US study, the Women Health Initiative of numerous women, showed a significantly augmented risk of cancer in the breast, venous thrombosis, and cardiovascular events with HRT in 2002. As to this, sales of HRT fell by 73% between 2002 and 2011.  It’s clear why in this study the risks patently outweigh the importance. For most specialists, a study presented last month, is rather reassuring provided certain precautions are followed. Focus on 2 good reasons to fly for this new destination.


Firstly, if you resolve to take hormones, you have to do it early. At best in five years, at worst in ten years. “In the recent study, treatment was commenced at age 63, about ten years after climacteric. A recently menopausal woman has a very healthy endothelium, so after ten years there’s an alteration in the artery wall. However, one should first, inquire about the state of her medical condition and seeking possible treatment from hospitals and majorly from the most online pharmacy today, which makes it easier for them to access.

Cardiovascular Risk

Second point, the means of administration and the type of hormones used. “The transdermal route, mostly prescribed in most country, has advantages regarding safety.

However, caution must be carried out because women receiving HRT initially had an upper HDL-cholesterol (cardiovascular protective) level than women on placebo and the decline is only Four years. “We were startled to see an apparent reduction in HDL with transdermal estrogen. Intermediate criteria that don’t necessarily presage well for cardiovascular threat in a long while.

Post Author: Donald Phillips