Misconceptions that Assisted Living Communities Have

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Despite the fact the more and more families are trying to find assisted living communities for their loved ones as they can maintain a high quality of life, there are many misconceptions that end up keeping some seniors away from the kinds of services that can help them get the most out of their golden years. But let’s correct some of the most harmful and common misconceptions that many have developed about communities for assisted living.


Many believe that these assisted living communities such as West Chester Ohio Senior Living go to excessive lengths to help with the resident’s independence. Residents in assisted living communities can be as independent as they were before. Many assisted living residents live in apartments that are just exactly that – real apartments. The resident will have total control over almost every part of their new apartment, exactly like they did with their previous residence. An important difference is that your love one will have immediate access to several services they need, including things such as assistance from a care manager, maintenance work, and housekeeping.


The only caution at West Chester Ohio Senior Care their residents are not allowed to do anything in their apartment that can be measured to be unsafe – for example, some residents might not be allowed to keep things such as microwaves or toaster ovens in their apartments because of a concern they could possibly start a fire. But, even when something like these is not allowed, your loved one will still have been able to use a toaster or microwave in a common area.


Outside of the apartment, all residents are free to take part in many activities happening around this community. If the resident doesn’t want to do some of these activities, or if he or she is just not interested, they do not have to take part in anything in which they don’t want to do. Activities in these living communities are occasions for residents to meet and socialize with those who have the same interests in activities. Most of these activities are meant to inspire the body and mind alike.


While the cost of assisted living community can be in some case quite expensive – it can be anywhere between $2000 to $5000 a month – on average. That doesn’t mean that your family is not able to afford it. To begin with Medicare and Medicaid may both be used to cover a substantial part of the cost that are linked with staying in an assisted community. If your loved senior is a veteran, then her or his veterans’ benefits also can be used to cover some of the costs of long-term care. If you have long-term care insurance on your loved one, you will be able to pay for part of or perhaps your entire loved one’s care with the payments your loved one gets under her or his policy.

Private funds

While you certainly can use these funds to reduce the cost of living in these communities, it is a fact that some of the costs will have to be paid for with private funds. You might be able to reduce the cost for care by merely asking whether this community offers any special pricing or other inducements that can be an aid to make you loved one’s housing a little more affordable.  You can work with a financial advisor who will be able to help you define the financial parameters that your family can use to find a community that will be both a great place for your loved one and is also financially sustainable.

Post Author: Donald Phillips