Outdoor Fitness: Guidelines to keep you fit

The sun is waiting for us and invites us out onto the street. Nothing better, then, than to join in good time of physical exercise, freeing yourself from the freezing feeling accumulated during the winter. And you can still attach the usefulness to the nice feeling; you know how? Attending the popular and special outdoor gymnastics!

Certainly, in your city, you should have a set of this gym equipment in a small square, the best fitness park or even on the beach. Have you checked? The advantage is that public gym equipment can be utilized freely by the population, but the preference is for the elderly since the exercises performed on the equipment should be moderate so as not to affect or overburden the joints of the body. The devices mainly help in the enactment of muscle strengthening exercises, but if they were not used in the correct way, they can harm the health and cause injuries. So, I’ll give some tips on how to prepare your body to use them in the most appropriate way! Let’s go then?

Usage Guidelines

What to Eat Before Working Out?

The personal trainers clarify that the first step to perform a physical activity safely is good nutrition. Before going to the gym, wherever it is, it is advisable to eat a carbohydrate-rich food, such as bread or banana with oats, so that the person has a sufficient reserve of energy in the body. This will be the main fuel in the first 30 minutes of exercise (anaerobic exercise). After this period, these reserves will be at low levels, and the body will look for another type of fuel to remain active, thus predominating the burning of body fat (aerobic exercise).

Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) is the most typical picture of a fasting practitioner. It causes nausea, dizziness and, at more critical levels, fainting and convulsions. Doing a fasting exercise will not help you burn fat faster. And do not forget: Stay hydrated with plenty of liquids like water or isotonic.


Stretching exercises are aimed at increasing muscle flexibility and are fundamental to the proper functioning of the body, providing greater agility and elasticity, as well as preventing injuries. It is crucial to note that stretching is essential for warming up and relaxing muscles, i.e. it is recommended to stretch before and after any physical activity.

When executed perfectly, stretching brings a number of benefits, such as reducing muscle tension, body relaxation, increased body awareness, more loose and light movements, preventing injury, preparing the body for physical activity, and activating circulation.

This part of the exercise is very important to avoid injury. Each of the major muscles of the body should be stretched for a period between 15-30 seconds, before and after the exercises. The bar apparatus, existing in the parks, is excellent for a general stretching of the whole body.

Alert to Sedentary

If the person is sedentary (has been for more than two months without practising regular exercises) it is necessary to look for professionals who can evaluate their physical, respiratory and cardiac conditions. The benefits of gymnastics are mainly health and quality of life. When we exercise, we release a hormone called endorphin, which is related to pleasure. We also have a substantial blood flow between the joints, which prevents the blockage and, finally, we have the strengthening of the muscles. But it does not do us much good if we don’t do it right. Therefore, the importance of evaluation with an appropriate professional.

According to physiotherapists, exaggerated exhaustion during the practice of the exercise the palpitation and the pains in the chest can indicate a cardiopathy and, there, and care must be redoubled. The assessment of a professional, in this case, is imperative. However, if the person has already started exercising, has not assessed their condition and felt any of these symptoms, the ideal procedure is: stop, breathe, let the heart rate go down a bit and drink sufficient water.

Correct Way to Use the Devices

All outdoor gyms have a board with exercise instructions and care to be taken before beginning. Even most of them mention in detail the time, the form and the number of repetitions that must be performed on each device. Adhere to the recommendations and follow the rules placed wherever possible. It will be even better if a gym teacher can accompany you if you are a beginner. However, they are not always available at the moment. Therefore, observe the instructions on the plates. They inform and instruct.

Post Author: Donald Phillips