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Taking back control of your life after abusing drugs and alcohol can be a hard task to undertake. That is why it is advisable to seek help in organizations that offer the programs, and if you live in Los Angeles, you can take a look at sober living Los Angeles centers. They have programs that are going to help you go back to the person you were before the drug and alcohol addiction.

You will get options from the sober living centers depending on your situation. You may be a new person seeking for a home to start the treatments or, you may be transitioning after going through the program. You will be assigned to a person who will provide you with guidance and leadership. You will be expected to perform some duties while in the centers such as cleaning, cooking, and maintenance.

Ways to Take Control of Your Life

Being sober after drug and alcohol abuse can be a great challenge. It needs a lot of commitment and good people around you who will help you get through it. There are numerous ways that you can do this, and below are some of the ways that you can take control of your life again: –

1)Grow great possibilities within you

To be completely a drug-free person, it will all depend on you. You may go at the sober living homes and start the programs, but if it is not something that comes from you, it will be a complete waste of time. At the center or sober living homes, you will be provided with opportunities and fun things, this may even bring the best out of you. You may even discover that you have the potential to do something that you were not aware of. Being with people who are having the same challenges as you, will be a great way for you to hear and relate to yourself and this may help you reach your ultimate goal of being alcohol and drug-free.

2)Go to a nurturing environment

A nurturing environment is the first thing that you have to look for if you want to start sober living. You may choose to go to a sober living home or a center as many people get neglected in their homes. These homes or centers offer a loving environment with rules so that you may not relapse. Even after you have completed the program, it is advisable to be with people who offer you a lot of support. You should also have a set of things that are keeping you busy so that you completely recover. It is a process and it needs a very good environment so that you can recover completely.

3)Discover your strength

This is one of the most important things to do when you want to take control of your life. If there was something good you were doing before you got addicted to drugs and alcohol, then you should go back to it. If it was something that contributed to your addiction, then you should stay away from it. Look for something that brings the best in you, that which will help you in the recovery process. You are the best person to teach yourself to live soberly because everything comes from within. The people around you will only be a source of encouragement but you are your greatest motivator.

4)Lay a foundation

Even after you complete the programs in the sober living centers, you will still need to work very hard to stay sober. That is why you have to lay a foundation for yourself so that you can continue staying sober even when you go out to the world. You have to confront the ugly truths so that you are able to move forward. If there was a reason why you started taking drugs and alcohol, then you should first deal with it so that it does not make you relapse. Talk with other people by joining group discussions, they may be dealing with the same issue and it will help you also deal with yours. Plan what you will be doing every day, it will help you not involve yourself with wrong things.

5)Establishing a network of support

Being and staying sober is a process and will need a lot of work. That is why it is necessary to establish a network of support. After you finish the program, you will have to go out to the world, but if you created good networks with the people you were with, you will still assist each other even when you are not in the center. Family and friends may love you and even support you but they do not get what you are going through. That is why you should establish networks with the right people that will make your recovery process successful.


Drugs and alcohol addiction causes a lot of harm not only to the individual but to the family too. Most of these people are always the cause of misery in their homes, as some may not keep a job and end up being a burden to the family. That is why a lot of recovery centers are in different states to cater to this people. After they have finished the programs or rehabilitation, they are encouraged to join the sober living homes.

The sober living homes provide for them a safe place so that they can recover completely. While they are here, they are offered various activities to do so that they can be busy. They will also do everything for themselves like cooking, cleaning, and maintenance with the supervision of a professional. They will also join a group meeting and share their experiences with other people which is great as they will learn and practice what others have done to stay sober. After they have completely recovered, they can now go to the world but will have some follow-ups from the people in the homes.

Post Author: Donald Phillips