Tips on Maintenance of Medical Equipment

Preventive maintenance of equipment and medical instruments helps public and private organizations to maintain and protect their patients. Generating health in a hospital through the efficiency of its medical equipment involves caring for, protecting and preserving its investment in medical technology in good operating conditions.

The fundamental knowledge of the delicate operation of health care implies effectiveness, efficiency, safety, and reliability for obtaining the highest quality through the improvement of the principles that medicine shares with engineering, such as technological advances.

The conservation of all machines, equipment, devices, and instruments in a hospital must be based on the maintenance standards recommended by the manufacturer. The basic care of machines in a hospital is not usually followed with the rigor that is done in the industry.

There are four approaches that areresponsible for the purchase, installation, maintenance, repair, operation and elimination of the obsolescence of medical equipment physicians must attend to:

  • Buy the right equipment for its cost and size (medical-financial situation), facilities and auxiliary equipment to operate it and acquire a stock of basic parts.
  • Enable the site to store it, protect it from bumps, dust, moisture, and dirt.
  • Train for transportation to the patient’s room or to the surgery area and return to the shelter.
  • Training and suitability of the people who operate the equipment.

What Maintenance of Medical Instrument Entails

In the maintenance of medical equipment, it is necessary to establish the interval of maintenance, the type of tests and verification and the parts that should be changed. It is not the same mechanic who gives maintenance to a piece of industrial machinery, a lathe that the specialist does in a hospital.

There is a rule that is followed in hospitals: the maintenance procedures of the delicate medical equipment are determined by the use of the machine. A medical machine executes a type of work that cannot be interrupted, nor by power cuts so Karl storz instruments‌ can meet that need. Preventive maintenance is a type of repetitive work whose purpose is to ensure the reliability and correct operation of the equipment in order to optimize the efficiency and accuracy of the subsystems, including the various measuring instruments. The maintenance routine includes cleaning, performance tests, calibration, and instrument certification. All medical equipment, no matter how well designed, will need at some point full repair or “overhaul” to anticipate failures.

Repairing or adjusting medical equipment with hundreds of electronic components and quick verification, inspection and repair times is an effective task for a group of engineers. The parts that are replaced must be of the same quality as those of the original equipment.

Post Author: Donald Phillips