Vaping And Flavour Vapor – Contributing To The Reduction In Smoking

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Electronic cigarettes are very much a part of the digital era. Not only is the technology that has allowed their invention modern, their image is also modern. Vaping, or using an e-cig is a very trendy thing to do these days. However, there’s a lot more to vaping, or using e-cigs, than the mere superficial. For many people, they’re a lifeline. A lifeline that has allowed them to quit a habit that was slowly killing them. And probably some of those around them. Not to mention the damage to the environment and the potential fire risk that cigarettes pose.

The FDA, scientists and doctors alike have spent a considerable amount of time studying, scrutinizing and going over the risks and benefits of e-cigarettes and the vaping liquids they use. Are they any healthier than conventional cigarettes? Is vaping a nicotine flavour vapor any better for you than smoking a cigarette? And so on. As with most things controversial, as inhaling foreign substances into your lungs invariably is, there are strong camps on either side of the fence.

Surprising though it may seem to some, the answer appears to be that vaping is better for you. Or perhaps that should be – it isn’t anywhere near as bad for you as smoking. Part of the reason for this is the fact that nicotine itself is not necessarily the really bad guy of cigarettes. He isn’t squeaky clean by any means – nicotine is addictive. However, the real damage caused by cigarettes is done by the toxic chemicals and tar that are a by-product of burnt tobacco. These wind up not only in the smoker’s lungs but also in the lungs of everyone within breathing range of them when they light up and start puffing. These are the chemicals responsible for a whole range of health disorders not only in smokers but in non-smoking family members and friends as well who have been exposed to toxic cigarette smoke.

Then there are the stained teeth and fingers, the smell and the extreme fire hazard cigarettes pose.

The advantage with vaping is that although it still feeds your nicotine habit, which is a concern to some health professionals, you aren’t burning tobacco to do so. You’re inhaling vapor with nicotine in it rather than smoke laden with toxic chemicals and life threatening tar. And whilst there are plenty who argue that it probably isn’t entirely healthy to be inhaling any type of flavour vapor either, the fact remains that it still beats inhaling burning tobacco hands down.

Vaping – Helping The Environment With Its Cleaner Green Smoke

Where vaping really wins arguments is that whilst is better for the person doing the vaping, it’s way way better for the rest of us. And way better for the environment as well. You could almost call it green smoke in that respect! It also reduces the number of people throwing lit cigarette butts out their car window as they’re driving along as well. Vaping equipment is far too expensive to toss away like that.

Convenient Vaping Supplies From Online Vape Shops In Florida

Speaking of vapor equipment, if you’re considering taking up vaping, which incidentally we only recommend you do if you’re already a smoker, there are many reputable online vape shops in Florida and elsewhere. There are also plenty of brick and mortar vape shops with more springing up each year. However, recent moves to regulate the industry more strictly could see that growth slow down somewhat.

Post Author: Donald Phillips