Visiting a new dentist? Here’s what you can expect!

Probably you have shifted to a new city, or you want to find a better dentist – Whatever the reason, it is best to be prepared for the appointment with a new dentist. An appointment with the dentist is never a comforting experience, mostly because we associate dental practice with different kinds of tools and equipment that are frightening to imagine in mouth. Visiting a new dental clinic is confusing, which is why we have discussed some of the things you can expect.

  1. An initial form for knowing your dental health better. Most clinics like Pur usually have a form that takes in information about the patient. Besides your basic details, you are required to share records of your dental health and some of the issues you may have at the moment. The dentist would also want to know if you have other health conditions and chronic ailments such a diabetes.
  2. An easy wait. The best dental offices are usually particular with appointments, so you don’t have to wait for a long time. The catch here is the treatment, which can take a long time that even the dentist cannot predict at times. However, for new patients, there is always an easy waiting schedule. You may have special room in some clinics for kids.
  3. A detailed discussion. Once you are in the cabin of the dentist. He will ask a bunch of relevant questions. He would want to know your current concerns, how frequent you are with dental appointments, if you have had any extensive dental treatment in the past and so on. He may also ask questions related to the details filled in the form.
  4. A thorough oral exam. This includes checking your teeth and gums in detail, and many dentists may recommend a cleaning session, depending on the condition of your teeth. In case you have cavities, he may also suggest fillings, while X-rays might be required if the dentist suspects the need for root canal procedure.
  5. Preventive care and further treatment. If no treatment is required, your dentist will discuss additional preventive dental care aspects that will come in handy for preserving your teeth and gums. When there is tooth decay or other gum issues, a treatment map will be created for the future, and your dentist will also explain all possible options, including costs and other aspects like insurance.

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