What to Do If You’re Unhappy With Your Tummy Tuck Results

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There’s nothing worse than taking the time to research a procedure, choose a qualified surgeon and go through the entire recovery process, only to discover that your tummy tuck results are not what you had hoped for.

Fortunately, tummy tuck revision surgery is available to patients who want to correct and improve their results.

Tummy tuck revision surgery explained

There are a number of reasons why people choose to undergo tummy tuck revision surgery, including:

– Umbilical distortion: The belly button can become distorted due to scarring around the umbilicus, an elongated slit due to excess skin removal or an enlarged belly button that occurs due to intrinsic laxity of the skin.

– Scar revision. Nobody can predict what your tummy tuck scars will look like as genetics play a role in how the body heals. Unfortunately, scar thickening and malposition can occur after surgery, which may need to be corrected.

– Residual deformities. The mons pubis is an area that generally requires revision after a tummy tuck due to unwanted fat deposits. If liposuction was performed in this area during your tummy tuck, you may be left with bulges that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Inadequate tissue removal, which all comes down to poor surgical planning, can also lead to unwanted deformities.

– Unsatisfactory appearance. In some cases, the skin on the stomach needs to be elevated in order to achieve natural abdominal contours, which often leads to a higher abdominal scar. This scar can be something that needs to be corrected.

– Epigastric bulginess. When the abdominal wall muscles don’t have sufficient suturing, abdominal bulging can occur.

What to expect during your revision surgery

During your tummy tuck revision procedure at an abdominoplasty clinic in Adelaide , your surgeon will start by repositioning the stomach muscles so that they’re flat and tight. This will also correct any muscles that have been stretched or separated.

Patients can expect to spend a night in the hospital before they are sent home.

Risks and complications

Unfortunately, no type of surgery is free from risks and complications. Some of the complications to be aware of include:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Numbness of the abdomen
  • Swelling underneath the skin due to fluid or blood collection

Fortunately, should these complications arise, most of them will subside within a few weeks or can be corrected with a small procedure.

Recovering from your tummy tuck procedure

Recovering from a tummy tuck procedure at an abdominoplasty clinic in Adelaide will vary from patient to patient.

While some patients will feel up to returning to work and their usual activities after a week, other patients will need a little longer. Either way, your recovery shouldn’t take longer than 3 weeks.

You will be provided with a compression garment after your procedure, which will aid in your recovery. It’s important to wear the compression garment as specified by your surgeon for the best results.

Any pain that you may experience can easily be managed with prescription pain medication.

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