What to look for in Sourcing Agent

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We are a China product sourcing Agent company having the reach to every nook and corner of this vast country. Our presence in China is from the last two decades. We have deep relations with the people of this country which is known nowadays as the world’s factory. It is a well-known reality that China is making from sieve to airplane. It is also known that every variety of products from low standard to high is being manufactured here. From urban to the rural area there is the presence of our people.

  • Standards – We are aware of statutory and regulatory norms prevalent in the country for the product being produced and services rendered. Also, we have a license to trade a large no of products to export from here.
  • Local advantage – Our organization has mostly locals who are aware of the language, culture, and geography of this nation. China has some issues related to labors. Since we are working in China for the last two decades, so we can easily handle them.
  • Transportation- We have our fleet of transport vehicles and along with that have tied up with many other transport companies. Every product is being tracked online through GPRS. Time frame, reliability, durability is our motto.
  • Reach – We have many offices in China including one in the capital Beijing. We are readily available 24X7 so that service remains hassle free and round the clock.

  • Customers- we are offering our services to various customers including many companies listed in the fortune 500 lists. All our customers are delighted and hence giving us orders reputedly.

If you are a desire to contact us and want to know about the product we are can offers. Kindly dial up our customer care number immediately or give us a mail highlighting the requirement so that we can understand your need and reply you accordingly.

Post Author: Danny White