9 Simple things you can do to fight hair loss

Losing hair at any age can be upsetting, but even more so when it’s premature or rigorous. For many people, it can be a blow to their self-esteem, and cause them to spend money at just about anything to try and save their hair. The fact is everybody will develop some degree of hair loss as they age. It’s just a matter of at what age and how rapid it happens. There are many hair loss treatments available in the market but natural remedies are the ones which has no side effects.

Here are 10 natural remedies for hair loss to help slow the progression of hair loss and maintain healthy hairs:

  1. Consider Your Diet

The main building block of the tissues in your body, including your hair, is protein. Try to include more proteins in your diet. Milk, egg whites and fish are the best sources of protein. You should also consume foods high in omega-3 fatty acids—such as salmon and mackerel.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

Vitamin A is vital to healthy hair.  Food products rich in vitamin A include leafy greens, carrots, and eggs. Vitamin B12 supports the formation of red blood cells and Vitamin E encourages healthy circulation, which eventually provides more oxygen for your body and more oxygen is equals to healthier hair.

Calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc are some of the most important minerals for hair health care. You can find lots of these in your favorite vegetables, or you can also take a daily mineral supplement.

  1. Break Bad Habits

Smoking decrease circulation and this includes blood flow to the scalp. Drinking caffeine and alcohol will slow down the immune system and cause more hair fallout. Not drinking enough water is another bad habit. Staying hydrated is essential in tissue growth and health. Also, keep away from carbonated sodas all of which will weaken your immune system and make your hair more likely to fall out.

  1. Exercise

Regular exercise let sweat to clean out and unclog your hair pores. The exercise will also make you healthier overall which will help you grow longer, stronger hairs.

  1. Scalp Massage

Scalp massages help stimulate the hair follicles to boost hair growth, and essential oils like rosemary, lavender, and thyme prevent hair thinning and balding. Take any oil like olive, coconut, almond, and add a few drops of rosemary, lavender, or thyme oil to it. Massage the oils gently into your scalp and leave it for an hour, then shampoo your hair. Pursue this remedy once a week to promote hair growth.

  1. Natural Juices

You can also rub your scalp with garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice. Leave it on overnight and wash it in the morning.

  1. Be Kind to Your Hair!

It is very important to treat thin hair gently as they are fragile and more likely to break. Here are a few things which you can do to be kind to your hair.

  • Set your hair dryer on cool and low settings, and avoid using flat irons.
  • Avoid dying your hair multiple times. The more severe the color change, the more chemicals you require, which is the main cause of hair loss.
  • If you use hair gel or hair spray, don’t wait for it to dry before you comb through it, because the hair will harden and be more likely to break.
  • Lightly comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush when it is wet. Also, avoid any pulling and tugging.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary brushing, combing, curling or straightening. Extreme use of these tools and techniques will weaken the hair at the root level.
  1. Keep the Peace

One of the main causes of hair loss is stress and tension. Try yoga and meditation to help reduce stress and calm your mind.

  1. Talk to Your Doctor

 There are also other conditions that can lead to hair loss, like thyroid disease, stress, anemia, and taking certain medications for heart disease. To make sure it’s not one of these issues talk to your doctor. Talk to your doctor.

Post Author: Donald Phillips