Dealing with hair loss – Causes and Treatments

Hair loss may be as simple as losing slightly more hair than usual due to short-term causes, or it may be because of serious ailments such as alopecia. Before moving to any treatment solution, it is important to understand the underlying causes for the same. While it is normal to lose 100 hairs every day, it is when new hair is not compensating for the hair loss that the problem arises.

Main causes of hair loss

The most common reason for moderate hair loss is diet and hair damage. What you eat is as important as what you put on your hair. Deficiency of vitamin D and other minerals in the body may lead to the advancement of hair loss in both men and women. Further, if you do not protect hair from external damage such as pollution and chemical and heat treatments, it is possible that you suffer from hair loss.

Extreme hair loss is most commonly because of alopecia or male/ female pattern baldness. While in males, it may show as receding hairline and eventual baldness, in women, it may showcase as hair thinning and even lead to baldness.

Common Treatments for hair loss

A large number of hair loss treatments for the first type of loss are those that are easily available in the kitchen. Applying honey with onion juice on the scalp or aloe vera may help considerably. One should also be careful while traveling and protect the hair from sun damage. Also, unless required, one should avoid getting heat or chemical treatment often.

Alopecia may be addressed by Costco minoxidil foam , easily available over the counter and is prescribed by the doctors across the world. That said you should very carefully follow the instructions for using this as it is highly concentrated and in extreme cases, may lead to redness and itching of the scalp.

Post Author: Donald Phillips