Tools Dentists Use Everyday

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All those shiny metal objects may seem intimidating when you first enter the dental treatment room, but don’t worry; these are just the tools your 3Rivers Dental care provider uses to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Learning what these tools are and how they are used by a dentist Kennewick WA can help alleviate some of the fear and anxiety many people feel when they see them.

Dental Mirror

This is the most easily identifiable of the dental tools, at it has a small round mirror on its end. Your dentist will use the dental mirror to inspect areas of your mouth that are not otherwise visible.

Sickle Probe

These tools look like long rods with hooks at the ends. They are used to remove heavy plaque and tartar build-up from the teeth, as well as search for signs of periodontal disease in the pockets between the teeth and gums.

Cotton Pliers

This tool looks like small, thin tongs with curved ends. A dentist or hygienist uses them for a very simple purpose – to grasp cotton, gauze, or other objects in the mouth with using his or her hands.

Suction Device

Since a dry surface is more conducive to dental work, a suction device may be used to remove excess saliva from your mouth during a treatment or exam. You may find its sound to be humorous and reminiscent of a vacuum.

Dental Syringe

This is used to numb the treatment area and make patients comfortable for various types of dental procedures. It has a small needle on the end that is used to inject an anesthetic to the treatment site. There may be some mild discomfort initially, but this usually subsides quickly.


It may sound scary, but the hum of a dental drill comes from its rapid rotations. When used with an anesthetic, drills usually cause no pain. Some patients, however, find the drill’s vibrations somewhat uncomfortable. Your dentist may use a drill to remove decayed tooth matter when filling a cavity.

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