The mouth is a composition of many parts ranging from the tongue, the teeth the gum and many more. Each part is associated with its functions. There exist practices that can make some parts like the teeth painful, sensitive etc. Several dental problems associated with teeth are explained below.

Dental cavities– These are the holes found on teeth especially the molars and the premolars. They are got when plaque builds up on the teeth destroying the hard outer shell called the enamel. This exposes the inner tooth to cold, acidity resulting in more complicated problems. Due to this exposure, the tooth is destroyed by acids from bacteria.

Dental carries– This is a less advanced stage of dental cavities characterized by the black or darkening of a tooths surface

Tooth sensitivity– It is a problem that can occur to both the adults and the young children. It’s characterized by pain on the teeth when one consumes something hot or cold. The causes of this problem are like cavities -which expose the inner softer shell of the tooth. Another cause is the exposed roots-this give may cause an irritation to the nerves thus makes one feel pain when she consumes a hot or cold food.Tooth sensitivity can also be caused by gum diseases- since the gums are the ones holding the tooth when they are affected they tend to deteriorate which may affect the teeth. Also, another cause may be fractured teeth- this is because the when they are fractured the inner parts are exposed to anything that gets into the mouth and this may cause tooth sensitivity. More of tooth sensitivity can be found on the internet. click here to visit.

Gum problems-The gums are the ones that hold on to the teeth and give them support and stability. The commonly known gum problem is gingivitis that is characterized by reddening of the gums or bleeding during or after the brushing of the teeth.

Chipped tooth– The chipping of teeth are caused by accidents, eating hard foods like popcorn seeds and many other factors. This problem may just occur on a person whose teeth are weak due to a lack of calcium in his body. It’s also believed that the medicine that one is given before an extraction of a tooth to kill the nerves so as to avoid pain has also an after effect on the other teeth.

Stained teeth.-Ones teeth may be stained due to things like the foods he consumes, some medicines that one has been prescribed to. One may be suffering from a certain disease and is recommended to take some medicine throughout and this may cause staining of the teeth. The people who smoke have got stained teeth. This is because of the smoke that they are mostly exposed to each and Everytime. Also, trauma may cause stained teeth. This is because the person does not talk or even eat thus the stained teeth.

Maintaining clean teeth and oral hygiene is a vital yet simple process that when not keenly maintained can result in serious health problems. Some dental problems are associated with heart problems and so everyone is advised to maintain their oral hygiene.

Post Author: Teresa Sabo