The Dangers of Drug Addiction

Addiction to substances like alcohol, drugs etc., is a common practice that is found in all age groups. Not only adults but even teens are found getting addicted to various illegal substances. In most of the cases, people usually don’t intend to get addicted. The problem with addiction is that it has several deadly effects. […]

A Good Financing Round for TraceLink Will Help it Grow and Expand Globally

TraceLink obtained $93 million to keep on providing support to its growing customer based in order to better track and trace counterfeit or substandard drugs on a global scale. The company  announced, August, 21, that it has closed a $93 million investment round led by Georgian Partners, with new investors Vulcan Capital and Willett Advisors […]

Morris Ritz – Choosing the right Surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon could be as tough as taking some major life decision. We must select the best from the limitless options available in front of us. There are various parameters that need to be kept in mind. The whole process sounds a little too painstaking from originality. Dr. Morris Ritz has some suggestions […]

Are Sober Living Houses for Drug Addicts Better Than Rehabs?

The most pressing challenge for recovering addicts is returning to the real world. Returning to the environment where the addiction started can be really difficult. This is because of the near impossible task of avoiding drugs and alcohol. Alcohol is a part of everyday life in the society. With this fact, personally maintaining a sober […]

Mission: Spray Tan

Are you wanting to go bronze? Are you going to spray tan? Is this your first time or are you just wondering if you’re spray tanning the right way? Read on. So, there are two types of spray tan- you can spray tan yourself using a spray tan bottle in front of a mirror or […]

What are the Causes of Alcohol Addiction and Risk Factors?

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem all around the world. There are several risk factors that cause Alcoholism in one. These risk factors are non-deterministic because the risk factors interact and affect differently in different individuals. There are some internal factors as well as some external that make a person addicted to the Alcohol or […]

How much does hair restoration cost?

Hair loss at a certain age is expected. However, the rate of hair loss today is increasing rapidly and baldness and hair- thinning pattern is beginning in both men and women. While it is rare to find that women are going completely bald, hair thinning is a severe issue. The thing about hair loss is […]

How To Keep Your Pool Clean, Healthy, and Ready

If you’re lucky enough to own a pool, it’s imperative that you diligently take good care of it to keep it looking clean, refreshing, and always ready for use. If you do not have a pool yet and are thinking of building a swimming pool, here is a list of maintenance tips that are guaranteed […]

4 Important Factors to Consider for Finding the Best Audiologist

Most of the qualified audiologists are experts in handling hearing-related disorders. With their assistance, you may easily treat and prevent all the hearing disorders that are tampering with your daily work schedule. In spite of being qualified, not everyone can be referred to as the best audiologist that easily. If you are looking for the […]

CBD And Medical Marijuana Can Help Veterans Live A Better Life

As medical marijuana is becoming more popular in use with medical treatments, there is hope for more conditions in the future to be treated to help ease symptoms. Providers, subscribers, and recipients of CT medical marijuana cards are seeing improvements in many different conditions including treating chronic pain and PTSD in veterans. Unfortunately, some of […]